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Emissions Reports and Inventories

 Yorke Engineering, LLC (Yorke) manages over 70 emissions reports throughout California each year and has 40 staff members capable of generating these reports. We are familiar with most of the air districts’ rules and practices. We are familiar with all parts of an Annual Emissions Report (AER), including toxic air contaminants (TACs), such as lead and ammonia, criteria pollutants [volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), particulate matter (PM), and carbon monoxide (CO)], and voluntary greenhouse gases (GHGs). We assist government and industrial clients with meeting permit and exemption requirements by using more accurate and non-default emission factors.

Industries Serviced
▪ Power Generation
▪ Manufacturing
▪ Oil and Gas
▪ Aerospace
▪ Landfills
▪ Pharmaceuticals
▪ Semiconductors
▪ Agricultural
▪ Many Others
▪ SCAQMD – Annual Emission Reporting (AER)
▪ MDAQMD – Comprehensive Emission Inventory Report (CEIR)
▪ BAAQMD – Emissions Inventory
▪ SJVAPCD – Emissions Inventory Submittal (EIS, TEIP, TEIR)
▪ SDAPCD – Emissions Inventory Request
▪ VCAPCD – Emissions Inventory Survey
▪ All Additional 29 Air Districts