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Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting

Yorke Engineering, LLC’s (Yorke’s) Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) staff is uniquely qualified to manage, or assist with, the TRI reporting process from start to finish. We have worked on complex operations, such as chemical manufacturing, and simple operations alike and always put our clients’ needs first. Yorke staff has over 500 years of combined experience working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We have been preforming TRI reporting for numerous clients for about a decade and have 15 experienced TRI reporters.

General TRI Services

  • Quantifying On-Site Chemical Inventories
  • Quantifying Annual Chemical Use
  • Preparation of Form R and Form A for Submissions on TRI-MEweb
  • TRI-MEweb Guidance and Setup
  • Determination of Exemption from TRI Reporting

TRI Reporting Categories

  • Fugitive and Stack Air Emissions – On-Site
  • Surface Water Discharges – On-Site
  • Land Releases – On-Site
  • Disposal – Off-Site
  • Recycling – On-Site and Off-Site
  • Energy Recovery – On-Site and Off-Site
  • Treatment – On-Site and Off-Site