About Yorke Engineering

Yorke Engineering, LLC was founded in 1996 as a firm of engineers specializing in solving Air Quality and Environmental Permitting and Compliance issues for industrial as well as governmental facilities. We have been very successful in providing strategic solutions for our customers, to meet each and every one of their unique needs.

Yorke Engineering, LLC is committed to improving your facility’s operational performance in addition to assisting with your regulatory compliance. We make a point to consider and reduce, if possible, the operational and recurring cost of compliance programs, air control equipment, waste processing, and other related environmental processes. Although we realize the value of specialized consulting services, Yorke Engineering, LLC also has a philosophy of encouraging our customers to learn and perform as much of the compliance as possible using in-house staff. A few of the benefits of our customers’ experience are listed below:


  • Accelerate the permitting process
  • Improve compliance
  • Facilitate agency negotiations
  • Lower management liabilities and risk
  • Increase your staff’s compliance knowledge
  • Increase operational flexibility