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Regional Clean Air Incentives Market – RECLAIM

Yorke Engineering, LLC (Yorke) handles RECLAIM reporting to the SCAQMD for over thirty facilities. Our thorough understanding of the RECLAIM rules and years of experience help facilities maintain compliance with program requirements. We deal with all types of sources, including Major Sources, Large Sources, Process Units, and Rule 219 Sources.

RECLAIM Monitoring, Recordkeeping, and Reporting

  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual/ Annual Permit Emissions Program (APEP)
  • CEMS Data Analyses
  • Missing Data Procedures
  • Quarterly Reports – Quarterly Certification of Emissions Reports (QCERs)

RECLAIM Inspections
The SCAQMD annually conducts detailed inspections of every RECLAIM facility to document compliance with all requirements. Even the smallest infraction can result in a Notice of Violation (NOV). Yorke works with SCAQMD inspectors to answer questions and provide the required documentation. Our RECLAIM clients generally pass their inspections each year.

RECLAIM Permitting

  • New Source Review (NSR)
  • BACT

RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs)

  • Quarterly NOx/SOx Reconciliations
  • Emission Quantification and Calculations
  • Coordination of RTC Purchase Transactions with Emission Brokers