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Assembly Bill 617 – Statewide Criteria Pollutants and Toxics Reporting

Part of AB 617 is a new set of rules relating to facility annual emissions reporting. Below is a summary of what we know about this new reporting program. Yorke Engineering, LLC has completed 2,000+ air emission quantification projects and has reported 600+ inventories and reports to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and local air districts.

For general information on AB 617, click here.

AB 617 Reporting Services

  • Prepare Annual Reports for Criteria Pollutants and Toxics;
  • Recordkeeping and Annual Report Generation Tools;
  • Investigations of Applicability to Your Facility; and
  • Agency Negotiations.


Facilities that are required to report under AB 617:

  • Fall Under Mandatory Reporting for Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) (~900 facilities in CA);
  • Are Permitted to Emit 250 Tons of a Criteria Pollutant (~30 facilities);
  • Have been Designated as High Priority for Toxics by the Local Air District (~500 facilities); or
  • Have Permitted Sources in Selected Communities (100s of facilities).

Cessation of reporting is allowed if a facility no longer meets any applicability criteria.

Reporting Requirements

Emissions will be quantified at the device / process / permit unit level, and the following will be reported:

  • Criteria Pollutants (NOx, SOx, PM10, PM2.5, Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Ozone);
  • Toxics (As Defined by AB 2588 and CAPCOA Appendix B); and
  • Relevant Facility Data (Stack Heights, Building Dimensions, etc.).


CARB has decided to roll out AB 617 reporting in two phases.

In Phase 1, 2018 and 2019 emissions are reported in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Applicability determinations will be made and facilities reviewed where necessary. You report results to your local Air District, and the local air districts will report to CARB by August 1. Criteria pollutants and toxics are reported every year.

Phase 2 will start with 2020 emissions being reported in 2021. An online data reporting system will facilitate direct reporting to CARB. Criteria pollutants and toxics are reported every year for the first 3 years, then every 3 years. CARB plans on standardizing emission calculations for large and common sources. Facility applicability will be reviewed and updated based on previous reporting.

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