Greenhouse Gas Services

Yorke Engineering, LLC has performed hundreds of projects related to the state and federal greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations. This includes Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) GHG reporting and verification, development of GHG monitoring plans and inventories, Cap-and-Trade training and support, and guidance through the GHG verification process. We have four CARB-accredited GHG lead verifiers on staff who have prepared over 250 GHG reports and over 300 GHG verifications, and Yorke is a CARB-certified GHG verification body.

CARB and EPA GHG Reporting

  • GHG Monitoring Plan development and audit;
  • GHG emissions data review;
  • GHG emission calculations;
  • Online GHG report preparation and submittal assistance;
  • Abbreviated GHG reporting; and
  • CARB GHG verification support (when verification is not performed by Yorke).

CARB GHG Emissions Report Verification

  • Verification of General Combustion, Transaction, Oil and Gas, and Process reports;
  • Evaluation of Conflict of Interest;
  • Verification planning meetings;
  • CARB compliance analysis;
  • Development of Verification and Sampling Plans and Verification Report; and
  • Submittal of Verification Statement.

GHG Inventories and Plans

  • City and County inventory preparation;
  • City and County plans and protocols, including Climate Action Plans;
  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission calculations; and
  • CEQA Air Quality GHG Technical Reports.

Federal, State, and Local GHG Planning

  • CARB Cap & Trade support;
  • Regulatory compliance analyses;
  • Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS) registration assistance and trading Support; and
  • GHG Allowance and Obligation calculations and determination of facility balance.

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