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AB 617 Criteria and Toxics Reporting in the BAAQMD

January 12, 2024
image of industrial criteria air pollutants. Smoke coming from stacks at a facility.

In response to Assembly Bill (AB) 617’s passage in 2017, CARB established the Community Air Protection Program to reduce exposure in communities most impacted by air pollution. Additionally, this bill mandated Criteria and Toxics Reporting (CTR) in a standardized format. The BAAQMD intends to implement CTR requirements in conjunction with the emissions inventory reporting during the permit renewal process. Submittal of a completed Data Update form satisfies CTR requirements in the BAAQMD.

However, per Section 93403(c)(2) of the CTR Regulation, facilities are allowed to request to submit emissions reports directly to CARB. This may be utilized by facilities to gain direct CARB involvement if there is significant misalignment between a facility and the BAAQMD regarding emissions reporting.

For full details on CTR reporting in the BAAQMD, please visit: https://www.baaqmd.gov/permits/renew-a-permit/criteria-toxics-reporting.



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